Back again: Recurring crash, cannot start K9 anymore

I have the same issue as described here again. But this time, rotating the screen does not solve it - K9 keeps crashing, and I cannot start it.

Any other ideas how I can delete the last couple of messages without starting the UI, so I can at least keep the rest?

Have you tried reporting this bug to your phone vendor? We don’t have time to implement workarounds for OS bugs that affect only very few users.

Yes. I have been told the reason for this crash is an Android security patch, that many vendors have not (or not yet) rolled out.

Huh? They make a platform UI widget crash because that’s better for security? Sounds like they don’t know what they’re talking about. You might want to buy your next device from a different vendor.

From time to time my K9 will crash on start. Sometimes restarting the tablet would allow it to start.
Other times I would killl the process then restart. If that didn’t work I would try a clear cache before restart.
Last resort was to reinstall … I download the app to by pass play store, so I have it on hand for the reinstall.

As my instance would run with the same set of emails and folders, I dont think it was a particular message that caused the crash on start
But knowing how to find the local storage to remove some sounds like a good thing to know.

My issue was with 5.704 And some times apparent in. 5.716 & 5.717 on Android 8
This is the only problem I have had with K9, now I have my settings exported to make resetting easier!

Asking where the local storage is, and if the odd message can be deleted or if there is an index file that can be deleted and recreated would be good to know.

Best of luck!