"Authentication failed" with Gmail and Outlook.com


I’m interested in how to make sure I can receive gmail and outlook on K9 on the new Huawei p40 because I get an “authentication failed”

Thank you in advance


You’ll probably have to enable IMAP and/or set up an app password.

For Gmail: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7126229?hl=en
For Outlook: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/pop-imap-and-smtp-settings-for-outlook-com-d088b986-291d-42b8-9564-9c414e2aa040 and https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/add-your-outlook-com-account-to-another-mail-app-or-smart-device-73f3b178-0009-41ae-aab1-87b80fa94970

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Thank you very much
I will look

Hi there. I am having the same problem as above, with trying to add back 2 of my 3 Gmail accounts. I had purchased a new phone, and tried to set up K9 to how I had the app in my old phone. I was able to add one Gmail account and got that working, but the other two accounts would not work at all, I keep getting the “authentication failed” notice. I have tried changing each password which hasn’t helped, and I have tried the suggestions in the above links, but that hasn’t helped. I’m not sure what is going wrong with this, since my other Gmail account worked fine.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

I believe that Google blocks the access to Gmail if you have 2 step authentication turned on:

Less secure app access

Some apps and devices use less secure sign-in technology, which makes your account vulnerable. You can turn off access for these apps, which we recommend, or turn it on if you want to use them despite the risks. Google will automatically turn this setting OFF if it’s not being used. Learn more

This setting is not available for accounts with 2-Step Verification enabled. Such accounts require an application-specific password for less secure apps access. Learn more

No need for all this smoke and mirrors mumbo-jumbo.
Just get an app password from Google and overwrite your current “real” password for your gmail a/c in K9.
(Sign in with App Passwords - Google Account Help)