Authentication Failed Sending Emails

We have a private email server that was written in-house. After the most recent update to K-9, I can still receive emails, but I cannot send any. I get an “Authentication failed for . Update your server settings” notification. We don’t use authentication or security, and we still use port 25. I’m guessing K-9 is rejecting that as improper settings.

Same issue here. Using an outgoing mail server at port 25 without authentication. Unable to send mail using K9…

A couple of days ago this worked fine. Issue with the latest update?

This should be able be able to work – just make certain that you set things as needed in k9’s outgoing mail server settings. In the outgoing mail server settings set:

security: none
port: 25
require sign-in: uncheck

If it fails, since it’s your private mail server, you (or your technical people) should be able to check your mail server logs to see what’s going on.

Hmm… does look like a bug.

When the setup, with the above configuration, goes through the test (in selecting “NEXT”) K9 connects to the server fine and everything is ok. When I actually try to send I get an “authentication failed” error notification from K9, but I’m not seeing any connection attempt on the server side.

This is a bug. See TLS Client certificate auth for SMTP stopped working with v5.805

Upgraded to the just released 5.806 and sending to port 25, “security:none” and without authentication, now works successfully. Thanks.

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5.806 doesn’t seem to be quite available on my phone yet. I will be on the lookout. Thanks!

5.806 pushed today! And it works! Thanks, development team!

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