Archive multiple emails function lost in update... Long live the archive button!

I heavily rely on the ability to long press single emails or select multiple emails and archive them from the inbox list. With the recent update, the only way to archive is to open the emails individually. Please at least add this back to the menu under the periods of ellipsis menu during bulk selection at very least!

After selecting (one or more) emails, I still see an archive button in the top bar. It’s a box with a downwards arrow.

I don’t get anything like that in the newest version of k9. No button and no option in the periods of ellipsis menu.

The Archive and Spam actions are currently not supported in the Unified Inbox when more than one account is set up. I’m working on adding support for that.


Using Version 6.000, I have disabled the unified inbox, but still don’t get an archive button, neither in the inbox or when opening an individual mail:

You need to be in Inbox, select a mail and then you get the archive button

No, I don’t get an archive button there - just the other two.

Have a look in the 3dots menu as it depends on size of screen how many buttons are visible. I have those 3 buttons in vertical mode, 4 buttons in landscape mode.

Also check if you have an archive folder set up (Settings » Account » Folders).


Ah, the archive folder was not yet defined on my new phone! This made the button appear, thank you!