How can I get archive button?

Currently archiving is a three step process: three dots → refile → archive

Is there a way to get archive button when viewing specific email?

I have “mark as unread/read” button, I have “delete” button - and I will not really use either.

I have also plenty of empty space in top bar.

I tried disabling unified inbox and explicitly setting archive folder rather than relying on automatic detection per Archive multiple emails function lost in update... Long live the archive button! - #8 by stphn but it has not changed anything.

Which version of K9 do you use? I use 6.714 (Beta) and it works as described

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6.603 from F-droid

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Fdroid also seems to host Beta versions, e.g. latest 6.714. Maybe you could try this? For me it works stable

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tried, still not enabled

tried rotating to get longer bar - still not there

any idea what I can check? How this button looks for you?

See my post here:

Ah, I think I missunderstood you: I looked at scenario where I am in Inbox, then I mark messages and get the archive button as described.

But I think you have other scenario: opened the mail itself and you want to archive. Yes, then you can go to 3dot / refile / archive.
But you also can enable to show Archive button in header:
Settings / General Settings / Display / Visible Message Actions - here you can enable/disable actions, e.g Archive

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Thanks so much! Not sure why it is not default and how it may be changed but it definitely solves it for me.

Thanks again!

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