App not Notifying Me

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I have the latest beta release (6.501) and I’m having an annoying issue. The app hasn’t been notifying me at all since installing when I receive new emails. No vibration or anything. I checked the notification settings in the app and enabled notifications for the app but doesn’t appear to fix the problem.

Any suggestions on why this is happening? I’d love to continue to use!

Hi, problem is notification only? But it is displayed correctly that new mails arrived?

Also: what phone, what android version?

When the app is launched emails load in fine. Simply notifications. I am using a Samsung S21 on Android 13

I have the same, no sounds but some error on front screen.
6.400 on Samsung A8, Android 9.
Did select new sounds (the same of course) but no change.

Simmilar issue here
Pixel 4a android 13
K9 v6.4
All notifications for K9 enabled.
I don’t know when exactly it stoppt working but don’t get notifications anymore.
Before i noticed, it woked very reliable.
Also Update to 6.503 not working.

Are there any suggestions where i can look for a wrong setting or something else?

  1. Make sure automatically fetching mail is enabled.
    Settings → [Account] → Fetching mail → Folder poll frequency
  2. Make sure the background sync condition is met.
    Settings → General settings → Network → Background sync (if unsure, set to Always)
  3. Make sure the Inbox is checked.
    Settings → [Account] → Fetching mail → Poll folders and
    Manage folders →[Inbox] → Folder poll class
  4. Make sure notifications are not disabled due to quiet time.
    Settings → General settings →Notifications → Disable notifications
  5. Make sure notifications are enabled inside the app.
    Settings → [Account] → Notifications → New mail notifications
  6. Make sure notifications are enabled for the Inbox.
    Settings → [Account] → Notfications → Notifications folder and
    Manage folders →[Inbox] → Folder notification class
  7. Make sure you’re not testing by sending messages to yourself with notifications for messages from yourself disabled.
    Settings → [Account] → Notfications → Include outgoing mail
  8. Make sure notifications are not disabled in Android settings.
    Get to the system settings screen via Settings → [Account] → Notifications → Messages

For more information on folder classes, see Folder classes - K-9 Mail

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Thanks a lot. Nothing from this list ever changed. Seems to be alright from the mentioned points.
But some points i haven’t exactly found in the German Version. Point 3 and 6…
And there is no notification sound set but i think this is only for overriding standard setting. → account/notification :

I’m fairly certain that if you have no notification sound selected then it won’t notify you with sound. Easiest way to test that is to set a sound :wink:

I’ve looked twice, there is a sound selected it is only not shown in the settings screensot. But i can see it if click on this setting.(Klingelton)

Any other ideas? Still not working…
I think it’s rather a bug in K9 or something with android in connection with K9.

Did you narrow down what the problem is? Does K-9 Mail sync folders in the background, but doesn’t generate notifications? Or do background syncs not work?

It only does not notify me with a sound. Mail sync seems to work and there is a counter badge on the widget icon as expected.

(Btw. Since v6.503 the status bar text is a little bit cut off in the message view of every folder.)

What does that mean? Is there a notification for new messages, just one without sound? Or is there no notification at all?

Sorry I’ve checked twice, no notification at all. So no sound and no Text notifications. Only a number on the icon widget badge.

In this case, please record a debug log while a new message arrives. The log will contain details on why no notification was created. See LoggingErrors · thundernest/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

Can I attach the log file here or send it to you directly? I don’t want to create a github account. (All personal mail adresses are removed from the log file)

I don’t know if the forum software allows you to attach the log here. You can certainly try.

You could also search the log for “No notification:”. It should be followed by a reason why no notification was created for a new message.

If none of that works, you can send the log to and I’ll have a look.

It says: No notification: Message is old

If you still need i would send the logfile to the mentioned adress. (Upload of txt files not allowed)

“Message is old” could mean a couple of things, depending on which protocol you’re using.

If you’re using POP3, please stop. It’s very outdated and you’ll run into many issues when using it with K-9 Mail. GMX also supports IMAP.

If it’s IMAP, you probably tapped “load up to X more” in the message list and K-9 Mail downloaded messages older than the ones it already knows about. The app doesn’t consider those messages as new even though you might not have seen them before and they are new to you.

EDIT: imap is selected for this k9mail account!

Its pop. But why is pop such a problem? And does it mean it isn’t possible to make it work again? It worked very well since now an i have decided to use it because it loads all mails to my pc since the beginning and only new mails which are not yet on my pc are loaded at my phone with k9. Never had a reason to change to imap for this account.
I could switch for sure but then i have to check if it will work as i want it to and i dont want to run into troubles with my mail archive on my pc.