App not Notifying Me

Sometimes i should think before writing…
Affected account is imap.

Could you explain that closer?
“If it’s IMAP, you probably tapped “load up to X more” in the message list”

Update: now i found the load x more… in the official help but i don’t have such button to load x more… So i think this isn’t the reason. Also i sent a new test email from another account. So the test message should be handled as a new mail an k9 should notify me.

Just for Info: my gmail account in k9 works as expected an does notify me on new mails. Settings for this account is very similar to the affected gmx account. Maybe this helps to find a solution.

Problem seems to be solved now.
I created a new account in k9 for the affected gmx mail account which notifies me at incoming mails again.
Very strange that the new one has exactly the same setting as the old one.
Since i didn’t change anything at the affected account and it suddenly stopped notifying me it could be a bug in k9.