Android client stop working randomly

Android client stopped working after few days.I had reinstalled it and same happens.
When i press send feedback crash report, it is also crashing and not sending.
Galaxy S20 Ultra, latest K9mail, latest Android 12.
What should i do. Have been using K9mail for a few years… :frowning:
When i click icon, fullscreen logo splashscreen apears for 0.5sec and thats all… Even if i stop and start again.
When i clear cache, still not working.
After clear data i can import old config and start using it…
Anybody in same situation?

Its 11 days from last install without a problem. The difference was that i didn’t allow notification.
So good thing is that K9 is working, but i have no notification D:

As it always crashed on start you were most probably not able to get a debug log.
But maybe with “adb logcat” you could create a crash report and see, why with notifications enabled it crashes.

See here how to use adb logcat with K9

Hope that this will lead to a real solution and not to workaround only :wink:

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K-9 Mail 6.201 fixed a crash when the app was creating a notification but the notification category referenced a non-accessible/non-existing notification sound.


У меня не работают уведомления при получении почты. Это откючено стстемно или только у меня не работает?

Please add your question in english - just use an online translator. Also share as much information as possible.
K9 version
Android version

Oбнови до новой версии, уже все ок.
Update to new version, now its seems ok.