Adding yahoo email fails

I am using a Gallexy tag a7 10.4 32GB running Android 13

Gmail sets up fine in k-9, I can set reply to address and a second signature althought i have not used k-9 to test all those things yet. It is how i have been using Thunderbird for years on a PC. I have not been able to add LanguageTool for grammar and spell checker yet.

So I have tried to setup my yahoo email, using my normal password and a generated password. I have also tried manual setup and tried Oauth2. None of these work.

Yahoo email works fine in Android Gmail, Outlook using Oauth2 I think?

I have chosen to creat a new topic because the question has been asked before but the answer use a yahoo generated password does not solve the probem now. Similary i observe that K-9 is being merged into Thunderbird so perhaps i need to wait for that?

Have you tried following these instructions?

What error message is displayed?

Hello cketti,

I have deleted my previous attempt to set up a yahoo email account. Closed and reopened K-9 mail.

I have entered Settings, Add account

I have entered my email address and normal password. Which is also a supported domain.

I have selected IMAP. All the settings are shown, so I press Next
Checking is followed by a dialogue box;
Setup could not finish
Cannot connect to server.
(Unable to connect)

Using continue or manual settings - which I have tried, many of the options Yahoo help give me did not work.

I have generated another yahoo password - this did not work with either the yahoo domain or the shorter Yahoo ID andew.lohmann

“Cannot connect to server” suggests you’re not using the correct server name(s). Please make sure to enter under IMAP server and under SMTP server.

Please note that the domain is currently not supported for automatic setup by K-9 Mail. So you’ll have to follow the instructions under Manual setup for unsupported domains.

Thanks. I seem to be recieving email but i do not think i can send email. I am sure it will all work out.

I am using generated password.
The server settings you gave which require .mail be added and changed to .com

Otherwise all the other settings are as the automatic k-9 set.

It seems to me that k-9 should add as it was the email address domain yahoo let me have as opposed to using a purchased domain.


Email sending and receiving fine. Thanks