Accounts overview screen

Apparently, the ‘nine’ email app starts with an accoint overview screen… someone understood why that was a lucky number.

Haven’t loked at the reat of the features yet. Anyone know it?

Developer said this - K-9 Mail is back (5.800 release) - #119 by cketti
Post explains everything… :confused:

Right. Thanks, I missed that post. My hopes are down!

Downgrading has 1 major problem, you must upgrade every other app manually

Anyone knows solution for this ?

Hello, I’m a long time user of K9. I love it, configuration backup and restore with a single file, highly customisable, access to all the capabilities of imap servers, … K9 does exactly what I want and need.
The look was oldish but I didn’t care.
It’s good you renewed the interface but please, bring back 2 things:
-accounts overview page
-display unread mails of an account and subfolders of the account
Thanks for your job.

See here: How to downgrade to the "good" version (before this silly UI update)? - #7 by Justin

if you downgrade and disable autoupdate, you will still have update pending

Hi Alina,
you can configure the Fairmail App to show the account overview screen as start page.
Exactly the thing we all are missing since 5.8.


Using the version I linked to, you can update all apps. There will be a notification that K-9 was not updated.

Play Store recognizes the package name, but is not able to update the app.

Thanks! I was practicing my German but this helps :wink:

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No need to downgrade. Use Open Mail, which is a fork of the traditional K9-Mail.

Is Fairmail only available in German?

I have the same opinion. Please bring back the old overview. I have several accounts, some more, other less important. In the old overview i saw all and i could decide, wich account to see. Less Clicks !!
– Please bring it back!!

No question!
Please bring back the overview screen!
All my family is using K9 mail because of my recommendation.
All of them are dissappointed about the abscence of the overview screen!



Everything sucks now, politics, corona, vaccinations and now k9 email… what os going on, please wake me up!


Haha no, but people on the forum were discussing the app in German!

In any case: I’ve installed it, and I am very very happy with what it can do, and how I can use it. I can totally recommend it, and listening to my sources, FairEmail is indeed the more privacy friendly one it seems (compared to openmail for example)

I’ve now UNINSTALLED K9 , I’m sad to have had to do this, but I don’t see myself returning.


Same for me!
Especially if you see the comments of the developers here.

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Just adding my agreement with the complaints being registered here. The new UI is a disaster – functionality and efficiency are ruined.
K-9 used to be a highly efficient and professional email tool for busy people managing multiple email accounts on small screens. The new UI design seems to have no awareness of actual user needs. K-9: Please listen to the voice of your customer. The new design takes K-9 in precisely the wrong direction.
I have temporarily rolled back my K-9 app to version 5.6, which appears to retain the prior accounts summary screen that is CRUCIAL to the functionality of the app. And I am starting to explore other apps, like TypeApp.


Same for me but I will try Open Mail before downgrading :frowning:
I miss the general view and the possibility to launch manually instant mail server interrogations.
Kind regards from Paris

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