A suspicious app was blocked from accessing your account

I’m trying to set up one of my email accounts. It fails and Google emails my account in gmail with this: “A suspicious app was blocked from accessing your account.” It further states “Google prevented someone from signing in to your account using a non-Google app. If this wasn’t you, they know your password and you should change it immediately.”

How do I resolve that or can’t I use K-9?

Google prefers that clients use OAuth2. If they don’t support it, as is currently the case with K9, it wants you to set up an app password and make some other settings changes. See:


for some information on this - or search for:

google app passwords

in this forum.

Thanks. I now have it working since I turned on the allow less secure apps thing. Question is though - is it safe?

Of course it is, Google just wants you think it’s not so they can push their own crappy client on you :grin:

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