5.8 How do I move the navigation buttons back down to the bottom of the screen where they should be?

Are you sure ? See here :

That’s pretty inconclusive. For example of you have Gmail address of course mail is on their server. Likewise yahoo, outlook and others. Person who wrote that admitted he never tested. I’d ask about that with respect to mail client accessing mail from 3rd party provider.

If you use Gmail app and set Gmail to grab mail from Yahoo for example, of course your yahoo mails will be on their server.

But a stand alone mail client has no need to even have it’s own server at all. What would it gain by the extra expense?

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On further examination your probably correct. Blue mail is not really an email client and is misleading users. It is a cloud service and the app is the portal to their service not a true email client.

Play store should require better disclosures about their apps. This app is fine if that’s what you need but not truly a stand alone mail client as they have you believe.

Thanks for getting this discussion going.

Now wish thunderbird would build android app.

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Oh yes, an Android version of Thunderbird is my dream. But it does not exist.


I am not at all pleased with the new downgrade. I don’t choose email client because it is pretty. Only two things matter, function and reliability. K9 had those already

How can we revert to prior version?

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See How to downgrade to an earlier version?

Tall phones and long fingers don’t work, either!



Its a pity no dev has responded here :(. I could accept this change if you tell me good reasons why you did this and why it cannot be made an option.


I’ve been using K9 mail almost since I first had a smartphone many years ago and have been quite happy with it. I liked the ease of swiping to delete and, most importantly in terms of interface, having the navigation and delete buttons at the bottom of the screen. Having these at the top is really a poor idea! Are you just trying to copy Microsoft? I use this app because it’s NOT Microsoft! Switch the navigation and delete back to the bottom (or make it customizable) and bring back swipe to delete or I’ll find a new mail app.


Swipe to delete never was a feature. There only was swipe to select.

I stand corrected, yes swipe to select. And the delete with the button at the bottom. No need for two hands on larger phones.

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Swipe to select was removed to make space for more useful actions in the future, like for example swipe to delete. You can still quickly select emails by tapping the contact picture. Once one email is selected, additional ones can be selected with a short tap anywhere.

Ah, I didn’t realise that - thanks! (I’ve got to say though; it’s not a very intuitive action.)


Please don’t add a swipe to delete. The only way that would not be dangerous is if you also had a confirmation. But that would mean to delete multiple emails you would have to swipe and then confirm each one. It’s so much better to swipe the first one to select, tap the rest to select and then hit delete to delete them all. I.e., the way 5.6 worked.


I for one liked moving the buttons to the top. I like using my index finger instead of my thumb to navigate so the way I hold my phone makes reaching the top easier. For so many other operations I have to reach the top more than the bottom anyway. It’s also consistent with where the buttons are when using even 5.6 on a tablet.

Having the buttons at the top is probably the only thing I miss from 5.8 when I went back to 5.6.

Agreed. Swiping is a gesture that can so easily be inadvertently performed. It should therefore never be associated with an action that isn’t trivial to reverse (intuitively usually by swiping in the opposite direction e.g. in a next/previous scenario).


+1 Add the preference please to have the buttons in the bottom


Are the developers really ignoring all these comments? Is there any plan to reinstate the buttons to the bottom of the screen? I’ve waited a month with no action. I’ll give it one more week and if no response, time to find a new email app.


They’ve stated elsewhere something along the lines of there being bugs to be ironed out as a first priority, and that the account overview screen will come afterwards in v6. As that overview had more/more passionate comments, I suspect that moving the nav buttons back down could be in 6.x if at all…

It seems strange to put the toolbar on top in the era of huge smartphones where it is getting difficult to buy a small phone.

I switched to FairMail which is also open-source (GPL) and highly configurable. But the great thing about K9 is its low memory usage and neatly simple interface.