5.8 How do I move the navigation buttons back down to the bottom of the screen where they should be?

As title. Why did someone think we would want to keep having to move to the top of the screen, covering the screen with our fingers, to navigate to next/ last message or delete. It’s an awkward stretch on modern average size phones.


I have asked myself (and this forum) the same question since my update from 5.6. Still awaiting an answer


I’m literally getting cramp in my fingers having to stretch up to the top of the screen every time to navigate from or delete an opened email.

What alternatives do people recommend to K9?


I’ve registered on the forum to add my desire for the buttons to be moved back down to the bottom. It’s not something I’ve really thought about in the past - I guess that’s the sign of a natural and effective human-computer interaction design - but now they’ve moved to the top I’ve realised how important those buttons to have easily accessible. Please move it back or, assuming there’s been a positive reason to move them up top (curious to know what?), have it configurable.


This is also something I miss. However I’m still happy that a new version exists


Ditto to above… Maybe trying to force some exercise for subordinate hand? :crazy_face: Plz restore location to bottom, make such optional, or maybe I just need to roll back?

Thanks for a GREAT app!


I am a very long term K-9 user and created a forum account just to add my voice to this topic. I normally don’t post “me too” messages in forums, but in this case I want to make sure that the impact of this UX change is well understood.

Moving the buttons to the top does not make sense and adds unnecessary movement as I move through and manage the emails from multiple accounts. Instead of being a fluid “read, delete/reply, move to next email” process, it’s now a “read, reposition my hand so I can stretch to reach the button potentially dropping the phone, delete/reply, move to next email” process. It is very unnatural and destroys the fluid K-9 UX that I love.

Please add an option to move the buttons back to the bottom.


I have given up with the new version, having my hand covering up the emails in order to reach the navigation/delete buttons was just ridiculous.

I’ve successfully UPGRADED to version 5.6 !


Seems that K-9 Mail is pushing us towards BlueMail…

Please add an option to move the buttons back to the bottom.


I agree. Tall phone and short fingers dont mix. Please move buttons back to the bottom.


Please add my support for buttons moving back to the bottom of the screen where they belong. Unless you have long piano players fingers or are using a Huawei Y100 with a 3" screen, having buttons at the top is more than inconvenient. This and losing the account overview screen on start up has made a great product into a half ar$ed copy of every other mail package.


YES, bottom buttons are a terrible choice. Please add the option to move them back for one-handed operation.


Just registered to post this, like others on here. I think the first thing I’d like to say is well done to the developers for redesigning the interface. It gives a nice modern look for sure and is probably long overdue to move with the times.

Generally I like the look and feel but totally agree that moving the buttons for delete, reply, etc to the top banner is not good. Most apps (well, Firefox for one) have the shortcuts bar at the bottom now for easy one handed phone use) so moving to the top is a backward step really

Hopefully a future update can give the option where it goes, or just move it back :grin:.


I’ve used K9 for many years on multiple phones and have been very grateful to the developers for the work they have done.
But I do believe that some aspects of the updated 5.8 version need a re-think.

First and foremost is the lack of the accounts overview screen - it’s how I know if and where I need to read and respond - but I see that topic has been well covered in the other (now closed) thread.

Second - and quite key - having the previous / next and other buttons at the top of the overview screen means I can no longer operate K9 with one hand.
I now need to use both - not always conveniently available - making the routine use quite a bit more cumbersome.
So I’d like to support the request to either move the buttons back to the bottom - or have an option to configure where they are placed.

And a bit off topic - I tried to register to make these points - but the forum email new account verification is not sending the email (to Hotmail), and they didn’t go into the spam folder.
So I had to register with a Google account, not my preferred option.

Many thanks for any responses, and thanks for all the good work on the app!


As a user experience researcher working on mobile and web apps, I have to say in many ways you broke K-9.

Only the most infrequently used courses of action should be outside the swing of the left or right thumb.

You’ve also made a recognition task (viewing which accounts have unread mail) into a multi-step recall task with moderate cognitive load.

You should have tested this with users.


Moving buttons up is totally crazy. I use even browser with bottom URL bar and buttons. If you want to experiment, please also leave “old ways” as option.


Agreed. Generally I really love this new look& feel, and the simplification from the earlier versions. Also the IMAP is functioning fine.

But these buttons on the top are really awkward and clumsy, an option to bring them to the bottom would be great.


The best alternative is Open Mail. It is a fork of the traditional k-9 mail.


As has been pointed out in a different thread here, Open Mail is outdated. Better options include going back to K9 v.5.6 or switching to FairEmail.

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Check out blue mail. I have that getting my Yahoo mail bc Yahoo app kept freezing. It’s a good app. Now that k9 is getting harder to use may just move all mail to blumail and remove k9. Was good until developers got bored and decided to screw with it.