Yahoo won't work

I can’t get K9 to log on to yahoo. I tried with regular password and the one use yahoo security password. It is a email and the server is wrong

I tried changing ports etc but won’t work.there is only one Hotmail account on this K9. I want to add a yahoo

what are you incoming and outgoing server settings?


note, you need to be using a generated app-password, not your site login one.

this was posted on wrong forum

For instructions on how to add a Yahoo account, please see How do I add a Yahoo account?

Thanks. it does not work. It is a which is unsupported but there is no option in my K9 to . Change Authentication to OAuth 2.0. I only have normal password/encrypted password/client certificate

Make sure you’re using at least K-9 Mail 6.200.

when 5.6 was updated to 5.8 there were lots of complaints. I went back to 5.6 and still have it . Does 6.200 overcome the 5.8 issues?

I suggest you try the latest version yourself to find out if “the 5.8 issues” have been fixed.

If you use a K-9 Mail version that is over 4 years old, please at least mention that when asking for help.

maybe if they had designed it properly i wouldn’t have a 4 year old one. and i don’t want to be removing it and having to go back as before.So i will get a different one for yahoo

I got 6.400 working on my tablet.Is there anyway to get back the icons along the bottom like 5.6 with an envelope+ icon for new mail and the round arrows check for new mail

when you compose how do you choose which email to use