Yahoo Mail Won't Download, Usually Times Out

I have two AT&T data plans. One is assigned to my Android smartphone with K-9 installed and sending and receiving email works as expected. Yahoo Mail is my email server.

The second data plan has more bandwidth and is attached to an AT&T Turbo3 Hotspot. I use it to connect to a Win10 laptop with Mozilla Thunderbird and an Android tablet using K-9, v6.802. Email doesn’t work nearly as well as it should on either of these devices, especially the Android tablet. Emails will seldom download and when they occasionally do they tend to be three days old or older. I usually end up getting a “time out from” after a couple of minutes.

To complicate matters even more my email addy is at “”. This is an older email account that Frontier recently transferred over to a domain to fulfill their “email for life” obligation. I have the account set up for IMAP.

I know this may just as likely be an AT&T or Yahoo problem. But I wondered if there may be some settings that have to be made manually in K-9’s set-up that might also offer some improvement. So far I really like the way K-9 works on my phone and hoped it would work just as well on my tablet.

If you walk through the Fetching Mail step through the Incoming Server, then the Sending Mail step through the Outgoing Server, do both those steps work?

You probably have some issue on the service on the second data plan.

Thanks for your response. Your suggestion got me to make a test I hadn’t tried before.

I sent myself an email from my Android phone using K-9 and data plan “A”. I was not able to retrieve the email on my Win10 laptop using Thunderbird with data plan"B". Eventually I got a “timeout” notice. I then switched my laptop WIFI from data plan “B” to data plan “A” using my Android phone as a hotspot and was able to quickly retrieve my email.

I think you’ve gotten me pointed in the right direction now and I’ll start directing my efforts towards AT&T’s wireless service, or more specifically their Turbo3 Hotspot hardware. I suspect it might just end up being easier to switch to AT&T’s Android email app. But I imagine it’s probably nearly as ugly and cluttered as their webmail software.

I’m no expert at setting up email email service, but I have a problem wrapping my head around the idea that my email account even gives a damn about me having two data plans! :thinking:

when trying to debug something like this it’s probably best to start with tools like the site:

as well as ping and traceroute. those are more direct network tools and get the potential application artifacts out of the way.

I regularly use to check my potential connection speeds, which can vary widely. But sadly I don’t know what other details I should be looking for there or how to interpret my results. I get info from 10 or 12 different servers within a range of 150 miles and what seems to me to be a wide variety of speeds, like 6 to 24 Mbps. Infrequently I see as high as 50 to 90+ Mbps. Pings between 70 to 114 ms. I’m just not sure what to make of this info once I get it.

Your email host shouldn’t care a thing about your internet plan(s).

I access my Yahoo mail from several devices and on multiple networks. It might also be worth it to make sure your server settings are identical for fetching and receiving email on both devices.

Try also something like watching Youtubes on each on each network. See if performance is about the same, or not.