Yahoo mail and K9 6.7xx,6.8

I originally installed K9 thru F-Droid because at the time Google Play version was old.At the time the newest version was 6.603 and had no issues adding my Gmail and Yahoo accounts.Over time I continued to update versions and ended up on 6.717.

A few days ago 6.8 was offered thru Google Play but was not able to update as my version was installed thru F-Droid and the latest version on F-Droid as of today is 6.717.No big deal so I uninstalled K9 and downloaded 6.8 from the Play store and installed.I soon discovered that I would now have to manually add Yahoo mail,I have all the correct settings but the end result is that setup times out.So I gradually downgraded and discovered that no 6.7xx version will allow Yahoo mail setup until I re-installed 6.603 at which point I could update to 6.717 and still have my Yahoo account.

Has anyone had success in setting up Yahoo mail on a fresh install of 6.8?The only real reason I ask is because Google Play hounds me with a notification to update and that update of course fails since I installed K9 from F-Droid.I’ve turned off auto-update for K9 but the notification is still there and its driving me nuts.

Our fallback database for email provider configurations was broken for a couple of days. Automatically setting up a Yahoo account should work again now.

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Everything is now working again.

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