Wrong Contacts List

Upon installation and granting K9 permission to access my contacts, some of my contacts are not visible to select when I try to use contacts to address a new message. I can’t tell if K9 can’t access all my contacts or if it is using an old backup copy of my contact list located in my downloads folder.

K-9 uses the native Android contacts.

Thanks. Then I guess there must be some reason K-9 does not display certain contacts in the contact list. I am using the stock android contacts app in grapheneos.

Contacts without email addresses are not shown. Is that applicable in your case?

Turns out, each of my contacts are linked to various local copies of themselves, not all with email addresses and hence not all showing up in K-9. So, thanks for the hint. Now I guess I get to unlink hundreds of contacts and delete the unwanted copies one at a time. But, problem resolved from a K-9 perspective. Thanks.

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