Work with Google Pixel 2xl Android

Can’t make this work with Google Pixel 2xl phone for more than a day or so…then nothing…?

Please add more details. What do you mean with “nothing”? Then community might me able to give qualified answer for your issue.


  • which exact version of K9 are you using?
  • mail provider?
  • IMAP / POP3?
  • complete error scenario
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Latest version I guess?.. IMAP… Shaw ( now owned by Rogers is the provider)… I’m in Canada

Email program is thunderbird on my windows 10 desktop…

“Latest version” is relative - look in settings/about to see the K9 version.

Thunderbird on your desktop is an email client, like K9. The settings you have there will likely be relevant for use in K9. Please indicate what they are, and what you are currently using in K9. Also, as asked above, when it stops working what are the indications/error messages?

Most of us don’t have crystal balls – so need you to provide details.

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