Will changing an account to IMAP save Sent messages in POP account

I have been a happy and enthusiastic user of K9 mail for years, but this is a persistent problem for me. I see related threads on the forum, but none that specifically address this question.

As far as I can tell, my “Sent” folder for any POP account is a local folder in K9 mail. I realize that POP3 doesn’t synchronize and is not well supported in K9 and might even be dropped.

However, I’ve been using it with a POP3 config for an account that I could switch to IMAP. But I have Sent messages that I’d like to save. Could I solve this by switching the account config to IMAP? Would doing this preserve the sent messages that I currently have, and synchronize them to the server? Or is it impossible to switch K9 account from POP3 to IMAP?

If that’s not possible, it looks like my only option is to go through messages one by one and forward them as new messages to myself. If anyone has other suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing them.

In the future, I’ll only use IMAP, in order to avoid this problem.

K-9 Mail doesn’t support changing the type of an account, i.e. your POP3 account in K-9 Mail can’t be converted to an IMAP account. The app also don’t support exporting messages. So forwarding messages one by one is your only option right now.

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Ok, thanks for your reply, and thanks for all the great work on K9 mail :slightly_smiling_face: