Will changing an account to IMAP save Sent messages in POP account

I have been a happy and enthusiastic user of K9 mail for years, but this is a persistent problem for me. I see related threads on the forum, but none that specifically address this question.

As far as I can tell, my “Sent” folder for any POP account is a local folder in K9 mail. I realize that POP3 doesn’t synchronize and is not well supported in K9 and might even be dropped.

However, I’ve been using it with a POP3 config for an account that I could switch to IMAP. But I have Sent messages that I’d like to save. Could I solve this by switching the account config to IMAP? Would doing this preserve the sent messages that I currently have, and synchronize them to the server? Or is it impossible to switch K9 account from POP3 to IMAP?

If that’s not possible, it looks like my only option is to go through messages one by one and forward them as new messages to myself. If anyone has other suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing them.

In the future, I’ll only use IMAP, in order to avoid this problem.

K-9 Mail doesn’t support changing the type of an account, i.e. your POP3 account in K-9 Mail can’t be converted to an IMAP account. The app also don’t support exporting messages. So forwarding messages one by one is your only option right now.

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Ok, thanks for your reply, and thanks for all the great work on K9 mail :slightly_smiling_face:

I appreciate the work has been done on K9 as well.
But I have the same problem, I need to change my account to imap.
Is there seriously still no option to change to imap or at least export the messages, delete the account and reimport them?
This is a killer for K9 if so!
As Pop3 is the older standard, people just need to be able to convert to Imap. Every other Mailapp on Android and PC supports the change, as far as I know.
How shall business people know before about such thing? And how shall they be able to save their emails as it’s by law told? At least in germany emails must be saved for 10 years on my personal storage drive. So K9 must mention that it’s not useable for business purposes right away in the app stores. Or change it.

K-9 isn’t “your personal storage drive” though, it’s an email client for mobile devices and was never meant to be used as a storage for emails. That’s where PC clients like Thunderbird or Outlook come in or if you’re brave you can keep them all in your Gmail/Yahoo/web.de or whatever online account.
What if you lose your phone or it gets stolen? What if you change to a new phone? Then all your emails would be lost and that’s not “im Sinne des Erfinders”.


I know it’s not my personal storage drive of course.
That’s not been written anywhere by me !! Read again…
It just has to be made possible to change the account from pop3 to imap. So everyone can synchronize the sent mails from mobile devices on the pc and then save the emails on a storage drive.

The way K9 is set up does not comply with these rules and laws as it does not allow export of emails nor does it allow changing the account to imap.

Then you shouldn’t have used K-9 as your personal email storage but kept those mails somewhere you will always have access to, like your PC.
Oh and business emails need to be kept 6 years in Germany, not 10.

Just use a PC with Android Studio for that…

  • Export your K-9 APK/AAB and data with ADB. The file will be very large, but you want your e-mail.
  • Keep the backup with all your other proof of business.
  • Create a second copy of your account in K-9 as IMAP.
  • Stop pulling from your POP account.

Should a financial audit or something happen and you still have you current phone: Show them the e-mails in the POP account on your phone.

If you don’t have your phone anymore:

  • Push your ADB backup into the AVD.
  • Present the e-mails within AVD to the auditor.