Widget missing after v6.600 update

Hi y’all, I love this app and have been on every phone I owned since 2008.

All widgets disappeared from my One Plus 8 at the same time as the v6.600 K-9 Mail update. I’m on Android 13.

I searched Google and this forum and didn’t find anything relevant. I don’t have an SD card so that’s not an issue.

I’m guessing that’s an A/OOS 13 issue then. My OP 8P is still on OOS 11, k-9 updated to 6.600 and my widgets are still there :woman_shrugging:

My widgets also vanished with the 6.600 update. The only widget I can put back now is the ugly K9 icon that doesn’t tell you how many unread messages you have.

Using a Samsung S10+, Android 12, One UI 4.1.

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a data point: on a pixel 6a running android 14 beta-1 i am seeing the same 2 widgets and 1 shortcut that @Nimueh has in his screenshot above - both before and after updating k9 from 6.5x to 6.6. i don’t normally use them, but configured the “envelope” one, which gives the unread count, before the update and it was still there, still showing the (accurate) count, after.

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Exactly the same Problem here

Same issue on galaxy a32, android 13.

I see there is version 6.601 available which according to release notes reverted changes to widget code

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6.601 fixed it for me!


Could you please mark it as solution that others also see that this issue is fixed?

My 4 widget envelopes (for 4 different mail accounts) are also gone after the update but I could manually re-create the widgets on my home screen since all mail account settings have been kept. And then they worked again.
(Galaxy S20FE, Android 13)

See 2 comments above, the widget issue was solved in version 6.601.