Widget bug and semi-workaround to old multi account view

I’ve been trying to use the “K9 Unread” widget as a workaround to losing the multiple accounts page. Just make a widget for each account/folder you want to monitor. But doing that has led me to a bug. I want to put all my K9 Unread widgets in a single folder but using my Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Android 10, it won’t let me do that.

The K9 Accounts widget works fine, I can put as many of them as I want in a single folder but then I can’t tell at a glance where there are unread messages.

I can dedicate a whole page to K9 Unread widgets but it would sure be nice to get them in a single folder. I just don’t know if it’s a K9 mail problem, android problem or Samsung TouchWiz problem.

If it’s not possible, then at least allow the K9 Accounts widget to be able to select a specific folder like the K9 Unread can. That way I can quickly get to folders for which I don’t care about the unread count, like getting to my trash folders to empty them. I occasionally like to save space by emptying all of the trash folders for each of my 11 accounts and it takes maybe 3 times at many clicks to do that with the new UI vs. the old one. By using widgets to get to the trash folders I can go through them much faster.

And while I’m here, a plea to devs to bring back swipe right to select a message that the old version had but we lost in 5.8. It sure seems like a step backwards to lose a gesture like swipe right that is so ingrained in the modern smartphone ecosystem. I’m having a hard time reliably hitting the little icon (half the time I miss and it opens the message then I have to hit the back button and try again) and press and hold just takes too long.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m harping on the devs too much because I really do appreciate their work. It’s just that with a few little tweaks, the new version could be a great as the old one was.

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