Why won't emails sent from a new account send

Sent messages stay in the Outbox. Must be a bad setting but don’t know which one. I suspicious about “authentication” because I don’t know how it should be set.

BTW, I’m a long time K-9 user but have recently changed the hosting service for my website where the email account in question exists.

Any thoughts?

This is a great forum. I posted this issue less than an hour ago and now it sent the 4-6 emails that had accumulated in the outbox. I did recheck the account settings and must have changed something… don’t know what😀

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Spoke too soon. Nothing works now. After a compose a message and click the send icon and then look in Folders I see the composed message in Drafts. Outbox and Sent are empty.

What’s causing this strange behavior?

In order to help we need more information.

  • K-9 version
  • pop or imap
  • mail provider and their published settings for sending mail
  • outgoing mail settings you have set on K-9

If nothing is in your K-9 drafts or outbox then that’s an indication that the message was sent to/accepted by your provider’s mail server (delivery to the intended recipient is, at that point, outside of K-9’s control). Whether a sent message is in your K-9 “sent” folder, in your mail server’s “sent”/“sent-mail” folder, somewhere else or none of the above depends on your K-9 settings.

K-9 version 5.600. BTW, I have a Galaxy 7s SM-G9930U, Android version 8.0.0

I’ve always used POP

The accounts in question are at efsowell.us, hosted at SiteGround.

The published settings are:
Incoming Server: giowm1308.siteground.biz

IMAP Port: 993 / POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing Server: giowm1308.siteground.biz

SMTP Port: 465

These work fine with Outlook on my Windows 10 machine.

Regarding the folder contents, my past experience with K-9 is that a message is in K-9 Outbox folder until it gets sent. Afterwards, it is in the K-9 Sent folder. Up until now, I’ve not seen anything in the Drafts K-9 folder.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.


Hrm. Misconfigured outgoing server perhaps?

Open K9. From the screen of accounts, tap the one in question.
You are probably in that account’s Inbox
Lower right, tap … then tap Settings then tap Account Settings
Then tap Sending mail
Scroll to bottom, tap Outgoing server

Does that screen of settings have your correct outgoing server, proper security, port, username, authentication type and password set properly? When you click Next, K9 will check the settings and report back if they don’t work.

Thanks, Oldie. Settings were OK.

I want to report that yesterday I uninstalled K-9 and reinstalled the current version from F-Droid. So far, it works very well. No issues. In fact, it is a true pleasure to see emails go out immediately, rather than whenever K-9 got around to it, as was the case for a very long time.

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Likely some setting got set or reset properly in your re-install. I’m a big fan of backing up my config whenever I add a new account to K9. And saving my passwords in a password database as some of those are one time application passwords.

Glad you got it fixed and are back in business.

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