Why is K-9 checking for e-mails when there is no connection?

I mentioned this in thread about another problem.

This evening I had briefly used my mobile, and at that time enabled Wi-Fi, not always on - same with mobile data; I then disabled Wi-Fi, but a couple of minutes later I saw a spinning wheel in the notification area, and knew what it was. There were also a dot on the app icon, and a notification telling me “checking Inbox for…”.

This went on for 1-3 minutes.

Why is K-9 doing this? It can’t be my mobile’s fault, nor Android’s. A very basic thing for an app such as K-9 would be to check: do I have a data link, or not.

K-9, 6.803.
Android 14.

I’ve never seen K-9 check for emails when there is no connection. In the notification area it literally says “Sleeping until network is available”. Version 6.901 but it has shown that for a very long time already.
Then again I’ve never had issues with K-9 getting new emails, on any device + Android version. :thinking:

Thanks for reply. As mentioned I’ve seen it a couple of times now (didn’t take any screenshots), on the other hand I’ve never seen what you see. I’m not using push (poll freq. is set to 15 min.), but I tested it a couple of weeks ago, when trying to solve problems in my other thread, and then there is a “permanent” notification (with info what to do if one wants to hide it). At that point I didn’t try to go offline, I imagine if I did I would have seen something similar to what you showed above.

I’ve never had any issues of this kind with K-9 on my earlier mobiles, or with earlier versions of K-9.

Just to show what I mentioned, happened again some days ago. No Wi-Fi, no mobile data. Haven’t traced a pattern, apart from that I did have Wi-Fi enabled some 10-30 minutes earlier, but not if I used K-9 (to check) or not, or if it did some initial first check during the time with Wi-Fi, but as mentioned it does happen, and some time (15 min?) after Wi-Fi has been disabled.

K-9 check screenshot

This can’t be the mobile’s fault (unless the OS doesn’t tell apps there’s no data link etc.).

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No response from developers et al or is that for some other forum?

Why would an app even do that, I saw it again moments ago. We all know that when we try to access something in an app which needs online resources, when being offline, we can be greeted by a spinning wheel or similar. This, however, is K-9 doing its “thing” without me asking for it.


  • Wifi enabled, me doing something.
  • Wifi disabled.
  • K-9 suddenly decides to check for new mail.

And, with regard to my other thread; this evening K-9 missed a whole bunch, 4-5 e-mails, when I did a check, it only fetched the last one; how on earth is that possible, I hadn’t used my computer e-mail client on the whole day, and when I later did, it downloaded all of them.

I’ll keep it, if I need to send something when not close to a computer, but for other use it’s not reliable.

(All this must be an unlucky combination of more recent versions of K-9, Android 13-14 and Motorola.) :neutral_face:

Hi, I’m from the Thunderbird/K-9 Team. This is a good place to post, however we also rely on the support from our community to help answer questions. The permanent notification is technically required in order to maintain the connection while the app is in the background. I’d recommend using the IMAP push option as it should give you the most up to date messages with least issues. As long as you aren’t getting into crashes or an error loop, it is probably fine to ignore it saying it is checking for messages.

Thanks for reply. What I have been trying to address in my two threads here is the problems I’ve stumbled on with more recent versions of K-9 and a new mobile. (I think I’ve been using K-9 since at least 2012.)

I am using my e-mail service provider’s settings for IMAP (server, port etc.) all the time on mobiles (and corresponding settings for POP on computer). Some months ago I exported and imported settings on my then new mobile; worked like charm and think I only had to add passwords (I have several accounts, but at the moment I’m only trying to get one of the main accounts to work with polls (or push) on the new mobile, enough trouble it seems.)

So here you have user that would be perfectly happy if 15 min polls worked reliably (as it seemed to do on my old mobile), no need for shorter in my use (but I know it’s been a feature req. from some), and if K-9 fetched everything when doing a manual check. :slight_smile: But that hasn’t been the case.

I understand that some/many here prefer to use push, and that some recommend using IMAP everywhere. I think the first screenshot above, by @Nimueh , showed K-9 using push and when being offline. If I try that, enable push, use Wi-Fi, then go offline (flight mode) the (push) notification doesn’t change, it still says (transl.): waiting for new email messages. (I.e. not exactly as in the first screenshoot, but that can depend on OS version and launcher etc.) No problem, but that wasn’t the type of notification I was discussing. When using poll we all know that it at times can take a couple of seconds longer, not K-9’s fault, depending on connection and reply from the server side, so a notification, “checking”, can stay for some seconds.

But here I was with a mobile with no data connection, say Wi-Fi disabled since a couple of minutes, and I find the poll notification (and a spinning wheel top left and a dot on the K-9 icon) for minutes. Never seen on the old mobile.

So I guess I have to assume that my new mobile isn’t fit for this type of work. I know very well that people have reported problems not getting notifications from certain social media apps etc. (messages suddenly appear when they open the app) and that both Google and manufacturers have been working to reduce battery consumption in different ways in Android, and that this can have a downside. But to this you have to add that I’ve also found that K-9 didn’t fetch all e-mails (on the account in question) when doing a manual check.

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