Why have many reviews been deleted from the Play Store?

Seems that ratings of August have been deleted? K-9 Mail jumps from 2,3 to 3,4.

What happened? Just curious.

Developers cannot delete reviews on Google Play. Nothing was deleted.

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Google removes reviews that are in violation of Playstore rules, e.g. rants or insults.

When you need to give 1-star ratings (as did I) please make sure to include constructive criticism. Do not rant, do not insult!


That’s not true. Many ratings were deleted

There’s something odd going on with reviews, mine (from years ago) has dissappeared from my “my reviews” section in Play Store on my device but it still shows up if I go to the K-9 Mail app in Play Store. It was a fair rating with some constructive points within, so not a 1 star rant as I’m sure lots of the recent ones are!

Only Google knows how the rating of an app is calculated (currently 3.396 according to the Google Play console; the lifetime average rating is 4.159). Looking at the daily average ratings, I don’t think any ratings have been deleted.

Maybe ratings of users who switched back to 5.600 are ignored because they are not considered important for the rating of the current app version.
Anyway, this is not a question we can answer. You could try asking Google. But they’re probably not going to tell anyone how the app rating is calculated exactly, because that might make it easier for app developers to game the system.