Why can't I block spam

I used to be able to block spam addresses and then all of a sudden on the last update, I no longer can. It’s not even an option in the pull-down menus. What changed and how do I fix it?

This is not a function which K-9 has had ever. (Or at least for very long.) I believe you have some other program, not K-9.


Well, I can mark mails as Spam - but the only thing IMO which is done is to move that mail to the confingured spam folder. Is that what you mean?

Pretty much, yeah. Spam is best detected server side.

If memory serves me correctly, as an example, Yahoo does (or did) use emails in your spam folder for model training. Google may do something similar or queue it when it’s moved to spam by a user.

Best to find out what your provider does and how they handle such.

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