Where the SENT folder is located on latest Android device

Email sent from my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G do not show up in the sent folder at my provider’s server.

Im trading up to an S22 Ultra with a trade-in of the Note 20.

I’ve completed the Samsung SmartSwitch successfully.

Setting up K-9 on the S22… i received everything that’s in my server-side inbox. Great! But… my sent folder (on S22) is empty.

On the Note 20 i can see everything in my SENT folder.

Ive connected up the Note 20 to the desktop… and found (what appears to be) K-9’s installation… Android/data/com.fsck.k9/files… picture attached.

There’s nothing - or, I’m unable to see - anything in that …/files folder.

2 hours on the phone with Samsung’s Tier 2 support… who REMOTED into the Note 20 had me reaching for an adult beverage :coffee: :thinking:.

An earlier post on this Forum suggested looking for a /Phone folder - maybe in an earlier Android version - but, right now? No joy. LOL

My only workaround seems to be…

Forward each (of 796) Sent emails… one by one… back to myself… an, at least, I’ll have a copy in my inbox.

There’s no way i can find to do a Select All from the Sent folder, followed by a Fwd… which will, at least, make this a single step.

Does anyone have an idea towards a solution?

I’m taking myself OFF the fire now. I’m well done… LOL :laughing:

Thanks in bunches for any help.


Are you using POP or IMAP?

If it’s IMAP, check whether the folder for sent items is actually set to the correct folder on the server (in the account settings > folders).

If it’s POP, this is expected behaviour. If you change/reset your device, everything is gone except if you have set you old/unresetted device to mirror sent emails to a specific server folder. And then, you must also set up you new/reset device to download from that specific folder (which is not normal behaviour for POP). You could try with IMAP and see if such emails a are present.

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