Where is "select more from this sender"

I used to be able to long press on an email and a sub menu would pop up giving me the option of displaying all messages from the current sender which I could then decide how to deal with them such as select all and delete, my favourite option and way of getting rid en-mass of loads of unwanted emails but this new version is sadly lacking this old option. Can it be returned please.


I didn’t even know that this feature existed.

If it has gotten lost I am for adding it as a feature request. @cketti normally is quite willing to add useful features - except if he has a reason to veto them.


Thanks for your support for seeing this ‘feature’ being restored to K-9, as I said it may still be there but if it is I can’t find it.

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Peter, this is one of the first things I noticed missing also. It helped me pool together a sender’s emails (often with different subjects) if I needed to (re)construct a previous story line involving that person.

It would be nice to see again …

I was sure that I was not the only person who found that this facility was missing from the latest incarnation of K-9 and if enough users also add their names to the list asking for it to be reinstated and it actually happened that would be fantastic, I’m not knocking the latest version I quite like it but I’m a little surprised that this function was taken out. Developers @cketti please take note.


I am very interested too…please add the feature: “tap and hold a message in the list, and select messages from the same sender”, this feature was in a previous version but it dessapear after an actualitation…thanks a lot!