Where is "mark as read" option in Android client?

Ok. I know this should be very obvious but I just can’t find it. If I select (long press) a few emails or even just one, that hasn’t been read yet, and then choose the menu option (three dots), the only options I have are “move, copy, add star, spam, select all”. Where is the option for “mark as read”? I currently have 5.802 installed. It seems like it should be painfully obvious but I have searched all through the app and don’t see it anywhere.

Click the opened/closed email to mark as read/unread

Thanks but doesn’t help when I need to mark the 50+ new emails I get every day as read.

I’m not sure what you mean. You can multi-select all the 50 emails and then press the “mark as read” button.

That is what I was trying to say. I don’t see the “mark as read” option anywhere.

Sorry. I didn’t realize it wasn’t a text menu option. I expected to see it under … after selecting several emails. Got it worked out.

Took a while to figure it out. Very misleading for existing users since it closely resembles the old “compose mail” icon.

Exact same problem for me, the new icon was not obvious. I had to came here to understand the the new app layout… Anyway thanks :slight_smile:

It kind of makes sense the way they did it. I thought it would have been “select all” and then “mark as read”, but instead it is just “mark all as read” so no need to select anything first.