Where are the tickboxes?

The tickboxes were USEFUL. I don’t care if they don’t align with some highfalootin’ UI ephemral design ideal, they were a quick way to select many emails. Having to longpress WASTES TIME (yes, I know caps mean I’m shouting). May if you get 6 emails a day it doesn’t matter. If you get hundreds, then that extra second multiplies by the number of emails you get. Anyone ever considered that before launching such a disimprovement?
How do I get them back?


You can click the contact icon in front of messages to quickly select

How the blazes is anyone supposed to guess that? Everyone understands a tickbox, nobody will guess that you have to tap the contact icon. Which I have actually turned off because they take up masses of space and don’t give me anything I want. Now what?

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And how to display a contact, if not by clicking the contact icon?


You can long press a message list item to enter multi-select mode. Afterwards a simple tap is enough to (de)select a message.

I don’t want to have to use longpress, it wastes my time, I want the tickboxes back, is that so hard to understand?

Totally agree, this was a very useful feature, took hardly any space on screen. Let’s have it back, please.


You only have to long press the first message you want to select, after that you just tap any other message you want to select, just like before.

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