When will K-9 mail get S/MIME support

Now it has joined the Thunderbird family, will K-9 Mail get support for S/MIME signing and encryption? Thunderbird has had this for some time, and other common email clients like Apple Mail only support S/MIME, and cannot use PGP as used by K-9. I had a look at FairEmail but I much prefer the K-9 Mail UI.


Also interested in having an open source Android mail client that supports S/MIME. It seems this protocol is well integrated in most desktop clients, unlike PGP, which makes it the preferred choice for companies. As I need a mobile client mail for my pro email (having a S/MIME certificate), I would like to know if I can wait for a solution using my favorite K-9 client, or should I switch to another open source alternative ?

In case S/MIME will not be supported in the short terme in K-9, would you recommend an open source alternative ? (FairMail looks like a very good option)

Try R2Mail2. It’s open source now and you are no longer required to purchase the premium license . (If you find the license in Playstore, don’t buy it unless you want to explicitly thank the Devs; it will not unlock any extra features.)

Thanks for your feedback @tchara, I had a look and the features are interesting, indeed !
I could not find the code however : there’s a free and paid version, but I cannot find info about R2Mail2 being open source