What's the advantage of using Push?

Thanks for the explanation.
I’m not sure about the advantages of push notifications over polling.
Is it more battery friendly?
Are the emails directly sent to the device, i.e. without latency?

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Both questions: Yes and yes

There is an idle connection to the server in background. Server pushes mails immediately.

Needs less battery than polling every 15 min with the whole protocols of authentication etc.

I would rather say the battery usage depends on many things like the refresh interval, number of folders used, connection stability, etc. After all, push needs to keep a persistent server connection, which is not needed when only refreshing every few hours.

Huge amounts of idle connetions reserve huge amount of sockets from the server. Not good!

Last 12 years there was not any problem :wink:

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Is battery really a problem for anybody anymore? It was a big problem 15 years or so ago, when I started with smartphones, but the last few phones (Samsung S7-S9 and now Huaweii P30 Pro) really isn’t a problem for phone use.

If somebody’s stupid enough to watch TV series or movies on the postage stampe sized phone screens, that’s something completely different (yeah, I am a snob, I have a JVC projector and a 2,5 meter wide screen for that…). But I used my phone as a GPS on my motorcycle for almost four hours last week with the screen on constantly, and i still had around 30 % left when I came to the hotel room.