What's happened to the display of folder names?

In previous versions of k9mail I could set it to display the full folder name, and path, word wrapping where necessary. In the new version this appears to be impossible, and as I have folders up to four levels of subfolder deep, this has made some of my folders indecipherable to the extent that I have to use my desktop computer in order to find them.

  1. Why was the ability to see the full folder name and path removed? I can still see the full name and path if I go to manage folders, but I can’t open the folders from there.

  2. As an even better solution, why wasn’t the opportunity taken that this major redevelopment gave you to implement an expandable and collapsible folder structure, something that all desktop email clients offer?

  3. The slider seems to be broken in folder view. I have several hundred folders and I used to be able to scroll through them using the slider, but now I can’t - the slider is visible but I can’t use it to scroll with, so finding the folder I want takes far longer than it used to. Please could you fix this?



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