What is lost if I go back to prior version

If I uninstall the current version and go back to an earlier version, what happens to my emails? Does “export” just save my account settings or does it also save old emails? The fifteen minute retrieval limit is the deal breaker for me.

That depends on the account type and your settings. If it’s an IMAP account all messages are stored on the server. If it’s a POP3 account some messages may only exist on your device. Currently there’s no way to export them.

If it’s an IMAP account, try using Push. See How to configure Push?

Thanks. My account is a POP3 account, so pushing is unavailable. I have K-9 configured to keep the messages on my server. I read and send messages from K-9. The older K-9 was an incredible convenience for me, but it is not the depository of my messages. I will only lose a days worth of messages if I uninstall the new, less user friendly (to be totally honest) version of K-9 and revert to the prior version. My wife and I and others who configure their email to operate on the check for mail each minute system, use it almost like text messaging. You do realize that going from a flexible email fetching system to a “one size fits all” is a giant leap backwards. Talk about user unfriendly. Any idea why the decision was made to embrace inflexibility?

You mean why 15 minutes are now the minimum? Because Google no longer allows uploading apps that refresh more often than 15 minutes. (there is another thread that goes into the technical details)

Most email providers support IMAP. You probably just have to look up the server details for your provider - then you can get an even more instant-messaging like experience using push.

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This is the very first time any of the devs explains this 15-minutes-decision!
Thanks for it!

I think that you folks could save yourselves a lot of grief by prominently featuring this decision by Google to prevent K-9 and other apps from updating more frequently than every 15 minutes. As the posts on this forum reveal, and the reviews at the Google Play Store echo, our anger has been directed at K-9, not Google! You are being blamed for something you cannot control. Let people know. I would suggest that you include a link to the appropriate Google site for users like us to voice our displeasure at their actions.