Weird: I see mail text in inbox view, but mail is empty when opening mail

Hello, I have a strange phenomena: when I open K9, I see the Inbox View, with the list of mails which came in, each of them with a few lines of mail text (configured as 6 lines). However, when I open any of these mails, I get an empty text area… switching to light or dark mode does not help. If I open the mail headers, I see all header info. That same mailbox, on my home computer, shows those mails normally readible, so it’s not the mails themselve.

I remember that I had the exact same phenomenon about 6 months ago, and after a lot of searching, I found a setting which cause this… changing the setting reveiled the text again. The problem is that I do not remember which setting it was, nor if it was a K9 or Android setting.

As I do not recall having changed something recently, I would think this is something which now (and 6 mths ago) came through with an update.

I’m running Android 13, on a Samsung A32 phone.

Welcome @Videast ,

You probably have a pending update of Webview which is used to view the body of html emails. Or you just updated, but you haven’t restarted your device.


Thank you very much, @martinleben, a reboot did the trick. I did not initiate any update, so must have been something happening in the background.
Anyway, I’m a happy camper again !