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Is there a way to view the actual email address of the sender? Seems like I used to be able to do that by a long press on the displayed name. Now all I get is a chance to copy the address to the clipboard. So let’s say I get an email. The display name is PayPal. It tells me my statement is ready and has a link to sign in. I’m suspicious. To see who actually sent it, I long press on Paypal, I forward the message, I paste the address, and at last I can see that it’s who is masquerading as PayPal. Now I discard the new message and delete the original message which I now know is PayPal. Why not make it easy and show the sender address with a long press on the displayed name?

Which version are you on? Can you provide some steps to what you are seeing?

I went through a number of folders on my phone, and every single folder shows the email address in the list. When I open every message, it shows the email address.

I am using K9 5.806 on Samsung S7

If I long press I also get message that mail adress is copied.

But if I do a short single touch the standard contact app opens and shows me the name and the corresponding email adress. And this works also for senders I do not have in my contact list.

Also possible to click on “show headers” for that mail and you get the adress for X-Envelope-From header which for me is always shown as the first entry

Please keep in mind that the sender address can be set freely by the sender. Spam filters will usually detect a faked “from” header for large sites but just because there is a valid email address in the headers doesn’t mean it is actually from PayPal. I would instead check where the links in the email point to before clicking them. If they start with, it should be safe. The slash here is important, something like could be phishing.

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Thanks, good to know that even the header cannot be trusted.

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Interesting. Not what I get!
K-9 5.806
Motorola One 5G Ac
Android 10

As to steps,

If I’m looking at any folder, I see the display names. A long press on the sender display name does nothing. A short press selects it (check mark). If I open the message, all I see is display name and…

I found my problem. . After seeing the post that someone sees email addresses in all folders, I went through Settings, General Settings, Display, and noticed Show Correspondent Names was checked. I unchecked it and problem solved. I am reasonably certain I never checked that, so perhaps it was set that way in the big update we had a couple of months ago.

Problem solved. Thanks to all who responded and got me thinking (increasingly rare event).

Go to Settings, General Settings, Display, and see if Show Correspondent Names was checked. I unchecked it and problem solved.

I wonder if that was a result of the last UI update.

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I’ve never paid attention to that setting and know I definitely didn’t set it either, but it was selected for me as well.

So yea, probably something that happened in an update - and thanks for pointing out the location of it :slightly_smiling_face:

K-9 Mail has shown the display name by default since at least 2011 :slight_smile:

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Whoopsie, guess I never paid attention to that - but until the OP mentioned the possibility of someone masquerading as someone else I never even thought about that :innocent:

Then again I usually check + read mails in the browser on my PC anyway, on the phone only when I’m afk.