Very large cache. Slow email downloads from pop

On Android.

It’s holding a 1.5 gb cache that doesn’t ever seem to delete. I try to delete cache through android files. Nope. Still there. SD maid. Nope still there.

I have local number of emails set to 50 so not many.

Also I have noticed within the last two or 3 months it pulls down emails one at a time at a snails pace.
30 seconds per email. Sometimes longer. Sort of makes it unusable now

Also unified view won’t always trigger new downloads. Sometimes I need to switch to inbox view to start downloads…

Something changed with it’s access to pop servers or it’s sorting the database after every email or something different. Or maybe before it can reduce huge cache or local email database it has to back it up and there is no room on phone for the backup or something?

Thanks to all programmers on this project.

It had been my go to for years on laptops and android.

Currently K-9 Mail will only remove old messages during sync if Settings → [Account] → Fetching mail → Sync server deletions is checked. Otherwise all old messages are kept.

You can remove all local messages in a folder by going to Manage folders → [Folder], then select Clear local messages from the menu.