Version 6.4 not marking emails as read?

Version 6.4 is no longer marking emails as read? when they are selected and marked as read?
Is it possible to rollback to the previous version?



Working fine for me, I just checked - maybe you changed some setting?

And you should be able to simply install one of the older github versions … but back up your settings just in case.

Thanks for the reply.

No, I do not muck around much with settings, just accept the updates.
I found older apk files, but they will not install?
Do I have to remove the current program first?

Just tried now and can see the text change. The brightness of font when read seems to be more than before?
Might be just because I was looking at the screen in the dark.?

Thanks anyway.
Have a Great Xmas and New Year.

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My wife and I both have this problem with V6.400. If you simply view an email it works ok. However, if you click download full message or view pictures options then exit the email, it remains as unread in the inbox. Very annoying.

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I get the same problem
Please test it with a Samsung Galaxy S10 and Android last update

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I’ve had the same problem since mid December. No messages are marked read unless I read them twice. Same behavior on both Galaxy s21 and tab s4

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Is anyone aware of any existing plan for fixing this very annoying issue ?

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Maybe you could send some debug logs?
Also, what mail provider?

As soon as I enable the debug logging, the problem disappears …
Might be it depending from some timing issues ?
Anyway with no debug it is always reproduceable
The issue is now reported by many users

Oh… I have this setting always on, just in case I need it…

Bump. Any updates on this issue? I use 3 email providers and 3 accounts. I consistently have to open a message twice before it shows as read, messages from any of those providers

Just as a test: does it also happen if you enable debug logging?

It works better with debug logging enabled.

With debug logging enabled, messages are correctly marked as read abolut 65% of the time after they are are clicked.

35% of the time, the message needs to read (clicked) twice before the message is marked as read.

I hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can dou

I just asked as there was another user who had the same issue but by enabling debug infos it “fixed” it for him:

As you say it at least improves behavior it seems that this is caused either by some timing issue or different code paths.

Maybe this gives some hint to the devs.
As it is not fully fixed for you maybe you could send the debug logs to the devs

This issue is resolved for me in 6.601.

With debug mode off, messages get marked as read. However, with debug mode on, messages do not get marked as read (which is fine with me)