Using OAuth2 with POP3 Gmail account - no OAuth2 option

I’m new to K9 and am attempting to add my POP3 Gmail account to it on an Android phone.
Gmail setup response is userID and password not accepted but I know from previous experience that it’s the OAuth2 that’s not functioning. I see that choosing IMAP provides an OAuth2 choice but I need to use POP3. Why is there no OAuth2 choice and how can I get pop3 Gmail to work?

Not to start this discussion again but why does one “need” to use POP3? IMAP does everything POP3 does and more, it’s the much safer solution.

But check Google account settings for “app passwords” under security. That used to work for logging into Gmail with K-9, no idea if it still does.

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According to Google, POP3 is not going away, but you need an app password.


Maybe I’ve got this wrong but my belief is that IMAP makes the email folders of all devices the same. I want to delete messages on my smartphone but still have them available on my desktop and laptop which both use Thunderbird. Is this belief incorrect?

with K9 there are two settings that let you control the level of syncing between the client and the server. under:

settings/[account/]fetching mail/

– there is a: “sync server deletions” checkbox setting. if you have it unchecked things you delete from the server, e.g., via another client, won’t be deleted from the K9 message store.

– the “when i delete a message” option has three settings:

  • do not delete from server
  • delete from server
  • mark as read on server

only the second of these will cause a message that is deleted in K9 to also be deleted from the server.

other IMAP clients may work differently - desktop and webmail clients tend to take more direct server actions.

a general caution with POP is that the message store is on the client. the ability to save the message store if you change clients is an iffy proposition.

I use IMAP too and have different folders on desktop and phones. All you need to do is create storage folders (like eBay, Amazon, Shops, People etc.) on your desktop and move the emails there. Since those are local folders they don’t get synced, so they won’t show up on the phone.

When I receive an email I want to keep I don’t delete it on my phone, but as soon as I get to the PC I fetch mails with Thunderbird and move those emails into their respective folders. Then it’s gone from my phone(s) too :wink: