Using Gmail with K9 Mail 5.600 in 2024 (using App Passwords, not OAuth)

I recently (2024-04-22) received another reminder email from Google that Less Secure Apps will be disabled in September:

Starting September 30, 2024, Google Workspace accounts will only allow access to apps using OAuth. Password-based access (with the exception of App Passwords) will no longer be supported. POP and IMAP are NOT going away and can still be enabled with apps that connect using OAuth.

Since 5.600 can’t use OAuth, the key here is “with the exception of App Passwords”!

If 2-Step Verification is not on, then Less Secure Apps is turned on. Google will start blocking this soon. You can still use App Passwords.
Create & use app passwords:

Here is how to continue to use Gmail on K9 Mail 5.600 by utilizing App Passwords:

If you are the Workspace Admin, make sure “Allow users to turn on 2-Step Verification” is on in your Google Admin Console.

Sign in to your Google Account > Security (
Find the heading marked “How you sign in to Google”.
Enable 2-Step Verification.

  • Get Started
  • Select device or phone number to send text msg to.
  • Verify, and turn on. This will automatically remove “Less Secure Apps”.

Go Back to Google Account > Security

  • Select 2-Step Verification
  • Bottom of page, select “App passwords”
  • Create New app password. (example name: K9 Mail 5.600)
  • Copy password WITHOUT SPACES.

On Phone:
K9 Mail 5.600, Account Settings > Fetching Mail/Sending Mail

  • Incoming/Outgoing Server
  • Use this new App Password instead of Gmail password

I hope this helps!