Using a account with K-9 Mail

Merry Christmas to all!
Has anybody set up and used K-9 mail to retrieve and send mail with an account?
This is associated with the IridiumGo satellite device, it normally works on android smartphones with the company mail client “Iridium Mail and Web” but it is very basic and not user friendly at all. Being able to use K-9 instead would be definitely a big plus.
Thanks for any suggestion on how to do it!

I know nothing about this service, but what the net implies is, you can only get access to your mailbox using their airtime.

You could ask their support team that you want to configure, oh, Thunderbird on your laptop to get your myiridium email when you are at Starbucks, and how to do that. Write down all the servers and ports, and you could use that within K9.

If their mail service lets you forward email out, you could send it to a new or existing account (outlook, gmail, etc) and then use K9 against that.

I stopped using ISP mail accounts long time back as a change of service brings about the painful process of updating of all your contacts.

Looking at various documentation for their service, I didn’t see anything that indicates that you can connect to their mail server via IMAP or POP (nothing that even implied that their mail service is standards-based). Given that they are trying to optimize the message size to keep data usage down, I’m not surprised.

From what I can tell, you can only get to an email account when actively on their sat network.

There was information on how to pull (fetch) mail from POP/IMAP accounts to your mail account, but exactly what you’re after.

thanks for your replies. Indeed, you can only access the mail box while on Iridium air time this is what the IridiumGo “box” is doing. It is also acting as a wifi router to connect to iphone or android smartphone that you use for retrieving mail. I thought that maybe it was a possibility there, I heard couple of people saying they were using K9 with IridiumGo but at that time I didn’t think to ask them how…