"useless" notification problem

since a few weeks now, i have a notification with text “Neue E-Mails abfragen”, which is “spinning” when the mails are synced.

I cannot kill the notification and its annoying me.
how can i turn of the notifcation?

Version 5.739
Redmi Note 10 pro
MUI 12.0.16
Android 11

Long-press it.

@cketti Should the notification maybe have a text explaining why it is needed? I assume this same question will get asked a lot now.

i dont want to turn off all notifications. Just this “empty” one.

See How to configure Push?


I created an issue for it. Please comment if you have other/more ideas.

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ah yeah, thanks for the fast help.

Just as a small data point on how we could make this easier to understand for future users: @getNo, did you touch the notification before asking or did you only read the text it showed?

i already tried to modify the notifications with a long press and already deactivated “miscellaneous” but with the inspiration of “how to configure Push” i found the Push notification to deactivated.

Like you two said before, a better hint in the notification should make it clear for the users.

After all, thanks for the fast help and your work on this app.

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That is not really how notifications are supposed to work. Notifications get very cluttered if every program running shows some useless notification like that.

I configured the settings and it still shows “Waiting for new messages”. I can make it small by long pressing the notification. But disabling Push notifications seems to be only way to get rid of that useless message.

That’s a requirement by Google. Google wants notifications to work like this. Whenever an app does something persistent in a background service¹, it needs to show a notification. Push mail needs such a persistent background service. On modern Android versions you can hide the notification without affecting other notifications of K-9. To learn how to hide it, tap the notification.

¹ The technical term is actually foreground service but that could sound confusing to non-developers.

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Google making rules for others, and not following those rules themselves? Gmail doesn’t do that. None of the other programs do that (yet, as far as I have seen).

Tapping that notification made it seem like it would disable Push notifications entirely for K-9.

That works because they own servers that can stay active and just “ping” the device when a message appears. K-9 needs to constantly check the emails itself.

You can choose to either disable push or to disable the notification.