"Upload sent messages to sent folder after sending" not working with IMAP


This is with my own server. If I use thunderbird, and tell thunderbird to place sent mail in the sent folder, it works. With K9, I can send mail, the recipient receives it, but it does not go in the sent mail folder. I have Upload sent messages checked in my settings.

Is there anywhere I can check for a log to see why this is failing or what is happening when it tries to place a message in sent?


edit: I am shamefully dumb. I went to the folders menu and saw that the folder was set to “automatic: none” by default. I thought it would use the sent folder by default. It didn’t occur to me that this could default to automatic, which would then give up and use “none” instead of the pre-existing “sent” folder. Either way, problem fixed incase anyone else is as dumb as me and misses this.

As far as I know K9 requests the folder mappings from server - if the mapping is not available it sets it to NONE. There are some other threads on forum about this and also a proposal to show a warning in case none is chosen.

Maybe you can check your server settings if there all is correct?

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