Unwanted emails


How to set up a block for specific emails ?

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What do you mean with block? Put them to spam folder automatically? Or not fetching them but keeping them in Inbox?

Both features are not possible from within K9.
If your web frontend allows it then you could create a filter for the unwanted mails to move them automatically to a different folder. And you could configure K9 not to fetch/display that specific folder.

Automatic Spam recognition: this is also a feature by your mail provider - if they support it. Most probably you can train it by marking mail as Spam, and mail provider will try to recognize spam mails better in future and move it directly to Spam folder.

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In general, it makes no sense to first download emails (especially to a mobile device with a potentially slow or expensive connection) and then delete them automatically as spam. This should happen at the mail server. Ideally, the server should not even accept these emails but reject them on SMTP level so that the sender can recognize that the transaction failed.

So, as stphn wrote, blocking specific addresses should be done at the provider’s (web) frontend, not in the mobile device.