Unread mail - more prominent

This is a feature request.

Unread emails in the inbox need to be more prominent.

At present, both in light and dark themes, the unread emails are not discernable at first glance.

Hence the request,


I agree as I sometimes have trouble telling the two apart especially when only one colour appears on the screen.

Under General Settings - Display if you scroll down there’s an option to “Change colour when read”. If you enable that the difference between read + unread is clearly visible, at least on my devices. The top one in my screenshot is unread :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! This works!

But I would still prefer it to stand out, just like in web-based email .

Anyway, thanks a lot, this is much better than the defaults.

On a side note, it is simply unbelievable that I got a solution within hours. Great community! Kudos!

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