Unread email count widget missing

Android 14 - One UI 6.1 - Samsung S23+ - K9mail 6.801

If I go to K-9 Mail - Widgets - It says there are 3 widgets but only displays 2.
I get K-9 Accounts (1x1) and K-9 Message List (4x3).

The unread mail widget is missing. From the net this appears to be a problem that has gone on for years.

I exported my settings on my old Samsung S8 and imported them on the new phone
if that is in any way relevant.

There is some reference to SD cards and a fix in the forum. My old phone had an SD card but K9mail was set to Internal Storage. The new phone only has Internal Storage.

This is a clean install on a new phone patched up to date.

Can anyone help me?

Can you send a screenshot of the widget selection and the missing unread?

Try reviewing the Folders settings for your main/primary account and make sure they are all pointing to internal storage.

There are no storage options as the device has no SDcard feature.

Not sure on this.

I have Android 14 on a Pixel. For widgets, I see them in this order:
K-9 Unread, K-9 Message list, and K-9 Accounts

My second and third are reversed for you. It does say there are 3 on your pic, but mine says 2 widgets and 1 shortcut are available.