<Unknown recipient>

When I’m composing a message to some addresses the system picks up after 2 letters and autocompletes the address. However with others which I send to equally often, I have to write out the whole address, which is then styled as “” if I click on the recipient’s “cartouche”.

Interestingly enough the colors of the icons of these recipients (with the first letter of their address) don’t change.

Does anyone know how to get these addresses to autocomplete too?

I’ve looked more into this. I think it happens when I’m sending an email to someone who doesn’t have a real name set (as in “John Smith john@smi.th” vs simply “john@smi.th”).

I’ve created a contact in my phone for one such email address, giving it a random “real name”, and autocompletion seems to work now. However it seems this name is also being sent with the e-mail and the contact color has also changed.