Unified Inbox not working

I have two email accounts, one …@mcdonalds.id.au and the other a gmail account. Only the gmail account appears in the unified inbox. I uninstall and reinstalled K-9 and reset up both accounts. The unified inbox worked and displayed both email accounts. Then for some reason now only the gmail account along with it’s account colour is displayed in the unified inbox.
I am using a Samsung A8 tablet with Android version 12. What am I doing wrong?

Have you checked whether the other account’s inbox is checkmarked to display in the unified inbox?

As far as I can tell the Show Unified Inbox is under General settings > Display and is not associated with a specific account.

In the folder settings, you can choose for each individual folder (not just ones named “Inbox”), that its contents should or shouldn’t be displayed in the unified inbox.

Sorry but I cannot see that setting. In the Settings > Account Settings > Folders I have headings, Auto expand folder, Folders to display, Move/copy destination folders etc. Am I looking on the right place?


Just long-tap on any folder in your account. Then select the folder settings.

Found the correct setting under “Manage folders” > Inbox and ticked the Unify box. Now all is working ok. Thank you tchara for your help and patience, much appreciated.

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