Unified Inbox for email AND TEXTS like Blackberry Hub+ Inbox

For the last several years I’ve used Blackberry’s Hub+ Inbox on my Android phones. I love it because I can see all incoming emails AND TEXTS in one, single (redundant, I know) inbox without having to check several apps to see all emails and messages. However, Blackberry no longer seems interested in maintaining this small part of their business. It no longer will accept my gmail account for some unknown violation of Google security. So I am looking for a replacement unified inbox for emails AND TEXTS. I’m basically still using BB Hub+ Inbox for all my texts, but now having to do emails in Gmail or separate client. I know that different email accounts can be added to K-9, but will K-9 allow for text accounts (Google Messages, FB Messenger, GroupMe, Remind, Band, etc.) to be added to the unified inbox. If not, can this be a suggestion for improving K-9/Thunderbird unified inbox?

K9 is a mail app which supports two protocolls: IMAP and POP3.
Is there a standard protocoll for TEXT? And even if it would be I guess it would be better to have a separate app.


Have you found any unified hub app like BB Hub+ Inbox? I’ve been using it for years ever since i had my BB Priv and love having all my emails and texts in one place.