Unexpected message scrolling

When I scroll mail with embedded pictures it scrolls after I take my finger off it. I have to scroll it back and keep my finger on it to prevent it moving. I’ve noticed similar behavior in chrome. For example:
K-9 5.8000 where did everything go? - #9 by ByteHamster does this also.
Is this an Android “feature?”

This sounds like something is weird with your phone. Have you tried restarting the phone? Updating chrome?

Let me add more info. I have a Pixel 3 that doesn’t seem to have the problem. It is up to date and runs Android 11. We have two Onn tablets from Walmart running Android 10. On those tablets, the problem appears. Android WebView and Chrome are up to date on those devices.

I would contact the device vendor. If it happens in chrome, too, I don’t think it can be fixed by K-9

Onn is impossible to contact. Pain in the ***. I guess I have to live with it.