Unexpected change of inbox after beta update

I have been noticing an unexpected change of inbox for a few times, as it is unexpected it is difficult to notice when/why it happens but I think I found what is happening.
K-9 5.903 has been configured with three POP3 accounts and the “Show Unified Inbox” has been enabled, and the unified inbox was shown last when the app was last closed.
When the app is started after a beta update a notification is shown at the bottom of the screen causing a distraction, because of this I do not notice what is shown on top of the tall screen (unified inbox or inbox default account). When I return to the inbox after reviewing the list of changes the app is showing the default account inbox instead of the unified inbox.
This brings up the following questions:

  • Does K-9 revert to the default account inbox after a beta update ?
  • Does K-9 revert to the default account inbox after reviewing the list of changes ?

I can only speak for my setup but it always opens in the Unified Inbox for me after updating/viewing the changelog, like it’s supposed to.

You have brought up an interesting point, I confirmed on my phone (Android 9, portrait) that it works as supposed, but I must observe what happens on my tablet (Android 10,landscape) after the next update because this is where I noticed the problem.

I carefully observed my interactions after the upgrade to 5.904 and the problem did not occur on my phone and tablet. Either the problem was fixed with an earlier update or I did something I wasn’t supposed to do.